A one-day workshop to validate your idea BEFORE you build it and outline a clear roadmap to launch.


The Before You Code

Startups are risky. 

But yours doesn't have to be.

You've heard the statistics: Only 10% of startups succeed. The rest? They fail, often within the first year.

So why is your idea going to beat the odds? 

Because you’re about to get in a room with an expert coach and whip your idea into shape – before you even write a line of code.

Pop quiz: What's most exciting – making lists and revamping your idea? Or building it into a functioning app?

Yeah, OK – the building part is exciting. That’s why most founders jump right into that part with both feet. Unfortunately, if you follow their lead, you’ll waste a ton of energy chasing outcomes you’re uncertain about. 

Building your product is not enough to make anyone use or pay for your product. 

If you want a startup that beats the odds, you need a different, smarter approach than just building it and crossing your fingers. 

What most startup founders get wrong

If you're ready to up your odds and take control,
this workshop is for you.

To be part of the 10% who succeed, These are the skills, processes and tools you need.
The Startup Incubator Workshop is designed to give you exactly that.

How are you going to go
from idea to market? 


Vector icon of a clipboard with a three item checklist and a pencil.

Do people actually what
want you're offering?


vector image of a lightbulb with a checkmark at the bottom right

Does it actually make sense
and solve a real problem?


vector image of a web browser with a pencil and ruler criss-crossed inside.

The Startup Incubator's smarter approach

Don't leave it to chance. Register now for success.

At just $297, this workshop is a steal. You'll walk away with a vetted idea that solves a real problem, and a roadmap to get you from idea to launch, successfully. Join us in DC or Boston and register today.

Boston, MA

27 Apr 2019

Washington DC

6 Apr 2019

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For founders who want success...

without the finger-crossing

Your idea is exciting. It's good. But a good idea isn't enough to win hearts and minds. You know you need more than your hopes and dreams to rise to the top. 

The Before You Code Startup Incubator is for you. 

It answers the questions "what should I do next?" and "do people even want this?" and gives you a clear plan for moving forward to a successful launch.

We’ll vet your idea in real time, and pivot as needed to ensure the highest chance of success.

Come to the incubator and leave knowing exactly how to create a product that makes you a winner.

Do people want what you're building? That's one of the important questions we'll answer during the workshop. Because if they don't - no customers. 

We'll define (or refine) your overall business plan, so you know the ins and outs of how you're going to make money from your idea, and what steps (including the y/n on funding) to take to go from idea to a product you're selling. 

You'll walk out the door with a roadmap for building the minimum viable version of your product with intention and continued validation and iteration. It's this plan that'll keep you focused in the weeks and months to come. 

Don't waste time building something no one wants

Go from Idea to Success.

Agenda for the Incubator

Validate Your Idea

9:00 AM
Refine your idea

Get to the root of the problem you’re solving

10:00 AM
Define your audience

Get into the heads of your biggest advocates

10:30 AM
Morning break

10:45 AM
Structure your product

Identify the core thing your audience truly needs

12:00 PM
Lunch Break (provided)

Plan Your Roadmap

1:00 PM
Model your business

Reconcile your purpose with your bank balance

2:00 PM
Research your market

See who else is swimming in the same pond

3:00 PM
Afternoon break

3:15 PM
Create your roadmap

Define concrete action steps to keep you moving

4:30 PM
Wrap up & workshop end



Right Now, You Might Be Thinking…

"But Heather, I've already started building my product!

I don't have time to research and validate!"

Well, I have news for you: you'll lose more time (and money) if you don't. I’ve worked with many startup founders, and those who take the extra time up front to research, plan and validate save time and make more money, every time. 

From pre-series A to series C+, so many startup roadblocks relate to misunderstanding their audience, solving the wrong problem or launching the wrong product. But this doesn't have to be you.


Why having an idea that solves a problem isn't enough validation

In just one short day together, I'll be teaching you:


The RIGHT way to validate your product idea and intentionally pivot


The best methods for collecting feedback at every stage of the process


How to create a roadmap that
takes you from start to finish


How to center your customer without leaving your business behind


You'll leave with initial idea validation done and a
customized roadmap to launching your MVP.


How to avoid the most common mistakes people make when starting up

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Heather O'Neill


Your Instructor

Before You Code co-author Heather O'Neill is a startup consultant with over a decade of experience creating meaningful products for the people who use them. At Pixels for Humans, Heather helps tech start-ups solve their toughest challenges and grow into mature, community-focused businesses, that center people over profits.

Heather has been training tech professionals and startup founders through classes and workshops for the past 7 years, at Harvard Extension School, O'Reilly Safari, UXPA International, Confab and more. Heather is also the author of several video courses including Measured UX, her signature course for UX designers.

A problem solver at heart, Heather also works with design teams to define problems, hypothesize solutions, and track success in their work. Heather is the recipient of the 2018 Tech 10 award for Women in Tech in Rhode Island. 

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